Dry Verge Systems - secure and protect your roof tiles

Dry verge systems are a really effective way to secure the edges of your roof. They’re also easy to install, don’t require mortar and yet can still prevent gaps in the roof preventing drafts… as well as eliminating the chance of your roof space becoming a new penthouse home for birds. A dry verge system is made of a series of interlocking verges or “caps” that are fixed to the edge of your roof. This not only secures the tiles but also protects them as it’s fully weatherproof. Our dry verge systems from Manthorpe come in a range of colours including black, brown, grey or terracotta so can go with any exterior finish. 

dry verge illustration


Should I Install A Dry Verge System On My Roof?

The main advantage of a properly installed dry verge system is the durability. A traditional mortar finish will need some maintenance over the years. The plastic materials used in dry verge are weatherproof and also don’t need painting or to be maintained. Dry verge systems should last for 10 or more years. They also prevent intrusion from birds or pests as well as offering a secure and effective way to protect your roof tiles.


Manthorpe Dry Verge Systems

The SmartVerge Polypropylene dry verge system from Manthorpe provides an attractive finish to the verge detail of a roof for most makes and profiles of interlocking tiles. Laid between a batten gauge of 255mm to 345mm, the design of the system preserves the ‘stepped’ appearance of the roof tiles while maintaining the continuous line on the underside of the verge.


Manthorpe Dry Verge Systems

 The system is mortar-free and can be fixed in all weather conditions, easily capping over each tile in succession. Once fitted and installed our Manthorpe dry verge products give you a fully weatherproof and maintenance free finish to your roof edge.


Manthorpe Ridge End Caps

The Manthorpe Ridge End Caps provide durable protection at each end of the ridge, eliminating problems caused by water penetration whilst preventing the entry of birds and large insects into the roof cavity. Each Ridge End Cap is supplied with fixings and can be quickly and easily fixed directly to the ridge batten(s) in all weather conditions.

Manthorpe Dry End Caps


The two styles of Manthorpe end cap we offer are the Smartverge Round Ridge End Cap or the Smartverge Angled Ridge End Cap and give you a rounded or angled finish to the peak of your dry verge enhanced roof.


Should I choose ambidextrous or a left and right handed system?

There are a few slight differences between the two types, most importantly they are suitable for slightly different tile/slate types so first check the compatibility chart. The only other real difference is the aesthetics which is purely personal preference. My Trade Products are in general consensus that the Left & Right handed systems are more attractive than the Ambidextrous as it maintains a straighter line on the verge line and a truer step on the tile side. 

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Check out our range of dry verge products and accessories, as well as other roofing plastics to increase the durability and reduce the maintenance for your roof.

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