Here’s My Trade Products guide to help you choose the right screw for the job. My Trade Products are an independent stockist of high quality screws and tools, we’ve weighed up quality vs cost so you don’t have to. 

Plasterboard Screws

Joining plasterboard to wood or metal frames seems like a simple everyday job but do you have the right screws for the job? My Trade Products have speciality screws for these situations. Make sure you have the right components for your work with our plasterboard screw guide.

Plasterboard screws are more commonly known as drywall screws and we currently offer two different types - black phosphate screws for fixing plasterboard to timber and zinc plated screws to fix plasterboard to metal partitioning.

Manufactured with high quality integrity that all our Reisser products have, our drywall screws have an ultra-sharp point to instantly penetrate plasterboard. A bugle head to prevent surface damage and ensure a flush finish.

Both our variants are finished with high quality coatings to prevent corrosion, recess clogging and are available in a range of sizes. Our  black phosphate screws are also available collated in strips of 50 for automatic screw-guns. 

Decking Screws

A wonderful summer project, installing or fixing the decking in your garden, can rejuvenate and drastically improve a garden. Choosing the right screws that won't split tour decking boards and will also withstand the outside elements can be hard. But My Trade Products are here to help you make the right choice. 

Reisser deck screws are designed to give optimum performance for fixing deck boards. The fast start ‘Spiral’ point gives instant grab onto wood. A wide single thread centres the screw quickly, this means a faster installation with much less power needed. The specially steel provides increased durability, reducing the risk of shearing through wood.

Decking screw shown during instillation

Flooring Screws 

Finding the best screws when you’re fixing your floorboards can be hard, you don’t want to split the wood of the floorboard but you need the flooring to remain safe and secure. My Trade Products have a variety of sizes when it comes to specialist screws to help you find the perfect fit.

One of our favourite screws at My Trade Products, are the Ressier flooring screws. Flooring screws were developed with the job in mind. They have features and benefits that are designed specifically to solve the most common issues with flooring installation. But these flooring screws can also be used in similar applications (architraves, panelling etc). 

What makes this screw ideal for flooring is the two different thread patterns, the second thread under the head is designed to engage with the floorboard to prevent movement whilst the wide, deep thread on the shaft provides resistance into the joists. Our floor screws are available in two sizes 3.5 x 45mm and 4.2 x 50mm.

Timber Connector Screws

Joining two pieces of lumber to support one another is not without its difficulty, but with specialist screws you can count on a stable support frame or connection. My Trade Products stock timber connector screws which are perfect for the job at hand, with special features designed specifically for connecting wood.

Reisser timber connector screws build on proven technical performance to offer the ideal solution for connecting timber to timber. The sharp 25º point gives an instant fast start allowing screwing close to the edge without splitting. 

Performance is also maximised by the specially steel that provides maximum tensile and torsional strength, whilst allowing for a minimum 30º bending angle. Available in an extensive range of sizes and supplied in helpful informative packaging.

Concrete Frame Screws

Drilling into concrete can be a laborious job, so make sure that you are using the right tools. When it comes to securing things in place, use screws designed for the material! My Trade Products Has a selection of screws specifically designed for concrete to help you finish the job to an amazing standard.

Our Reissier concrete frame screws offer a versatile fixing solution for a variety of materials with concrete - ideal for fixing window or door frames, timber battens, facades etc. into masonry. Locking ribs under the screws head fix firmly into materials and the flat pan head gives a neat finish when in place. 

Manufactured from high grade steel for maximum durability and finished with a high quality Yellow Tropicalised coating to prevent corrosion from the elements, our concrete frame screws are available in a wide range of lengths to suit any application.

picture of a concrete frame structure on a grey cloudy day

Stainless Steel Wood Screws

Stainless steel screws are a great alternative if you are doing exterior work of a project that will be exposed to the elements. The stainless steels screws won’t rust and will perform better overtime due to the material being able to withstand harsh environments. My Trade Products have stainless steel screws available to use for your projects. 


The Reisser Retinox wood screws use of Stainless Steel offers high corrosion resistance in tough environments. These screws have a resistance to chemicals and dyes. The self-colour stainless material also gives an attractive finish. The screw gives the ability to penetrate almost all timbers without an initial pilot hole. The reinforced screw head recess allows the best possible fit to the driver bit, providing extra strength at the critical junction between shank and head. 

Fully CE accredited, the R2 RETINOX is available in a wide range of sizes, in full and part thread and in many volume options including handy Clipbox quantities. The R2 RETINOX gives an ideal solution to the toughest jobs. 

Wood Screws


My Trade Products offer a few different wood screws with the most popular being the Vortex Professional Wood Screw and the Reisser Cutter Wood Screw.  Wood screws have many variations and we stock several varieties to suit your needs, from interior and exterior wood screws to joining wood together.

Our Reisser wood screws are the latest generation of technological excellence. They are uniquely designed to give ultimate performance and a perfect finish in all wood applications. The two patented slots allow the screw to work closer to the edge without splitting. The ribs and tucks under the screw head enable the screw to sit flush without surface damage. The Yellow Tropicalized coating gives superior corrosion resistance. 

Our Vortex Professional wood screws are a high quality multipurpose screw with a unique design and features. They are excellent for use in hardwood, MDF and decking, available to purchase in boxes or larger tub quantities. These screws have sharp under head milling nibs for easy countersinking and a sharp, deep and wide single thread for cutting clean through wood. The high quality zinc and yellow passivate wax finish on the screws gives double corrosion resistance and increases the lifetime of the screws. 

Exterior Wood Screws

Exterior wood screws are great for outdoor use. You could use these screws if you are thinking of building a shed or the treehouse for children in your garden. Exterior wood screws are typically used for roofing and fencing purposes but have several external uses. My Trade Products have a selection of exterior wood screws to help with your work and projects alike. 

Our Vortex Exterior wood screws are designed to be used in both softwood and hardwood - ideal for a range of external applications, including decking, roofing, and fencing. They include a silver organic coating, which helps reduce corrosion, as well as being ACQ (Alkaline Copper Quarternary) Timber resistant.

The recessed double countersunk head reduces the chance of the head shearing making it a more reliable product. Vortex exterior wood screws also include an oblique-angle sharp gash point, improving initial bite into timber. Vortex exterior wood screws come packaged in a handy and functional plastic tub which is robust, water resistant and drop-proof. Each tub also comes complete with a 50mm impact driver bit. 

Exterior wood screws on two pieces of timber

Next time you are looking for the right screw for the job consider My Trade Products, with our newly introduced bundles you’ll be able to find the right components for the job with amazing prices for amazing quality. If you need any advice or recommendations about which screw to use, simply ask us on our Facebook page and our experts will help you find what you’re looking for