Vortex Power Wood Screw Tubs

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The Vortex Professional Wood Screws are a high quality multipurpose screw with a unique design and features. They are excellent for Use in Hardwood, MDF and Decking, Wood to Plastic and Wood to Sheet Metal. 
They have sharp under head milling nibs for easy countersinking and a sharp, deep and wide single thread for cutting clean through wood. The sawfix serrated teeth power through surfaces with ease and the oblique razor sharp gash point tip makes the initial penetration into materials easy and precise.  
The recessed, double countersunk head reduces the risk of shearing the hole of the screw. The high quality zinc and yellow passivate wax finish on the screws gives double corrosion resistance and increases the lifetime of the screws. Vortex screws are CE approved to EN14592:2008 and A1.2012 


  • High Quality Multipurpose Vortex Screws 
  • Sharp Under Head Milling Nibs
  • Sharp, Deep and Wide Single Thread
  • Sawfix Serrated Teeth
  • Oblique Razor Sharp Gash Point Tip
  • Recessed Double Countersunk Head
  • Used in Hardwood, MDF, Decking, Wood to Plastic and Wood To Sheet Metal
  • Zinc And Yellow Passivate Wax Finish
  • CE Approved to EN14592:2008 and A1.2012

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