Timloc Rigid and Flexible Top Hats

£15.10 INC. VAT
£12.58 EX. VAT

Top hats for sealing to a gas barrier and at the intersection of pipe projections, available in sizes from 55mm to 160mm. Compliant with Building Regulation Approved Documents C1 and C2.

Common applications are for soil and service pipes passing vertically via a gas barrier or membrane to maintain a continuous seal. Top hats are suitable for installation at ceiling level for pipe protrusions to assist in reducing air leakage. All jubilee clips are supplied separate to top hat units.

Flexible top hats for sealing to a gas barrier and at the intersection of pipe projections. Designed to be flexible enough to fit around difficult applications and are ideal for use in tight situations where a pipe is close to a wall. Compliant with Building Regulation Approved Documents C1 and C2.


  • In areas outlined in BRE document ‘Radon’ guidance on protective measures in new dwellings
  • When gas protection is required across the footprint of the building
  • Crossing cavity wall constructions to maintain gas barrier integrity
  • Forming internal perimeter trays to allow membranes continuity
  • Collars for service pipe protrusions
  • Following a risk assessment where the requirement is for a good gas protection measure against Radon, Co2, Methane and Hydrocarbon
  • To be designed and installed in a continuous system around the whole building perimeter

Installation advice
Units will require tape and seal - tape sold separately. Use Gtape01 to make the seal between joint surfaces. Use Gtape02 to seal upper surface to minimise lap lifting if used in concrete floors


Features & benefits

  • Preformed mouldings eliminate the need for site fabrication to prevent errors through poor workmanship
  • Easy to handle, flexible, tough, durable and puncture resistant
  • Can be used for multi-storey or high-loading applications – will not extrude under high loads up to the point of compression failure of wall
  • Wide range of standard components with special tailor made accessories also available
  • Fully itemised scheduling service

Material and colour choice
Formed in 2mm medium density polyethylene and/or polypropylene
Available in black only


  • Manufactured to BS EN ISO 9001 and BS EN ISO 14001
  • Satisfies all NHBC requirements
  • Meets BRE requirements
  • Complies with Building Regulation Approved Documents C1 and C2
  • Meets all relevant British Standards

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