Timloc Insulation Retaining Disc 65mm or 80mm

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Insulation Retaining Disc

Universally designed insulation retaining disc, available in 80mm diameter (red) and 65mm diameter (black) to suit most styles and sizes of wall ties and applications.

Featuring a firm grip design that will not move on the wall tie; retaining discs are clipped onto wall ties either before building in or in situ.


  • A universally designed insulation retaining disc
  • Suitable for general purpose, light duty and heavy-duty applications

Features and Benefits

  • Will fit most wall ties available from leading wall tie manufacturers
  • Suitable for both fibre and rigid slab insulation
  • Firm grip design that will not move on the wall tie


  • Satisfies all NHBC requirements
  • Manufactured to BS EN ISO 9001 and BS EN ISO 14001
  • Complies with all relevant Building Regulations
  • Meets all relevant British Standards

Material and Colour

Manufactured from polypropylene.

Available in red or black.

Installation Advice

Insulation retaining discs should be fitted to every wall tie for applications when insulation retainers are required.

Spacing and quantity calculations should be as wall tie guidance.

Consult latest NHBC Standards for required spacing.

‘Where partial cavity fill is to be used,’ ties/discs should be spaced at 600mm centres horizontally and in vertical as well as horizontal rows, i.e. not staggered.

Retaining discs are clipped onto wall ties either before building in or in situ.

Due to the firm grip design the disc may require opening slightly to accept the wall tie.

It is recommended that the wall tie is held in position when the disc is offered and clipped in place.

Ordering Information

Typically, one disc per wall tie. Approximately 5 per square metre.

Supplied in pack quantities of: 1000 – IRD80R 1500 – IRD65BL.

Products in the Range

Insulation retaining disc in red – Product IRD80R – Quantity 1000

Insulation retaining disc in black – Product IRD65BL – Quantity 1500

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