Timloc Drill Vent (Qty 50) - in 3 Colours

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Colour: Clear

Drill Vent

Let your walls breathe with the discreet cavity ventilator and drainage weep. The retrospective cavity wall weep is ideal for venting timber framed buildings and both high and low-level ventilation and drainage to an external cavity system.


  • When cavity ventilation and/or drainage is required to an external cavity wall
  • Ideal solution for retrofitting
  • Designed with high airflow for venting timber framed buildings
  • Suitable for both high & low-level cavity wall ventilation & drainage applications
  • Perfect for rendered masonry walls

Features and Benefits

  • Purpose made and pre-formed to guarantee reliable ventilation
  • Quick and easy to install in a 25mm diameter drilled hole
  • Circular design allows efficient ventilation airflow of 335mm2
  • Integral curved louvres are designed to maximise airflow and reduce entry of wind driven rain
  • Louvres designed to prevent entry of large nest building insects into the cavity
  • Large low-level drainage hole
  • Barbed body ensures secure fit into pre-drilled hole
  • Outer flange to offer clean finish


  • Satisfies all relevant NHBC Standards for cavity ventilation & drainage
  • Manufactured to BS EN ISO 9001
  • Complies with all relevant Building Regulations
  • Meets all relevant British Standards

Material and Colour

  • Manufactured from polypropylene.
  • Pack quantity of 50.
  • Range of colours to blend with brick or mortar colour (Clear, Buff, Terracotta).

Installation Advice

  • To meet NHBC standards for cavity ventilation in external timber framed walls, fit each ventilator at 600mm centres.
  • To meet The Building (Scotland) Regulations for ventilating cavities within masonry outer leaf walls, fit each ventilator at 1200mm centres.
  • To meet Building Regulations Part C for external wall cavity drainage at low level, fit each unit at 900mm centres.
  • To form a weep hole to drain cavity trays install each unit at 450mm centres above openings and 900mm centres to other areas.
  • High level vents are located externally 200 – 225mm below the soffit or roof barge. Low level vents should be installed by the DPC at ground level. At this level, it doubles as a drain for the cavity as well as a vent.
  • If the cavity is bridged or closed at intermediate floor levels, cavity venting and drainage should be provided above and below the bridge.
  • Identify the location at which you need to place the vent. A 25mm hole is cored at spacing centres required.
  • The vent has been designed to be installed at a slight angle (approx. 2.5°), to minimize any wind-driven rain entering the cavity and allow the unit to drain freely. Therefore, the hole is drilled through the external leaf with the drill inclined slightly upwards. It is recommended to use a drill with a depth setting as to avoid any damage to the internal leaf, insulation or breather membranes.
  • Insert and align the ventilator into the hole and tap into place using a rubber mallet. The ventilator should finish flush with the wall surface.

Products in the Range

  • Clear coloured drill vent – DV1
  • Buff coloured drill vent – DV2
  • Terracotta coloured drill vent – DV3

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