Timloc 1143 Cavity Wall Weep Vent (all colours)

£18.50 INC. VAT
£15.42 EX. VAT
Colour: Black

The multi-function 1143 cavity wall weep designed for cavity ventilation and reliable discharge of water from inside cavity walls. This could be over external lintels or wherever a cavity tray system is installed.

The 1144 cavity wall weep extension offers a +50mm extension and connects directly onto the 1143 cavity wall weep.

For use in any situation where water must be discharged from an external wall, including:

  • At ground floor slab level
  • Within cavity tray systems
  • Over external lintels
  • Where a cavity must be ventilated
  • On external walls – 100mm or more in thickness – built from brick, block, or stone


    Data Sheet

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    Installation Advice

    • Wall weeps should be used wherever water could collect inside a cavity wall, such as over external lintels, or wherever a cavity tray system is installed.
    • To work effectively wall weeps should be placed directly on top of the base of a cavity tray or DPC, or on the front flange of the lintel.
    • Wall weeps should be spaced at 450mm centres to comply with NHBC recommendations.
    • Care should be taken to ensure the wall weep is kept clear of mortar and does not become blocked. This is particularly important at the back of the weep which could be blocked by mortar droppings from above.


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