Manthorpe Smartflash 370mm x 5m length GWSF-370

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With a dramatic increase in the theft of lead flashing from historic buildings, churches, schools and crematoria which, for the vast majority of time are left vacant, the roofing industry is looking for an effective alternative

To help combat this problem Manthorpe Building Products has launched SmartFlash a new synthetic alternative to lead flashing.  Not only is it more cost effective and easier to install than its lead counterpart there is no re-sale value so theft and vandalism from properties and building sites is prevented.  Because it mimics the appearance of lead, it is suitable for installations where aesthetics is of paramount importance.

SmartFlash has an integral aluminium mesh reinforcement to aid durability with a self-adhesive layer to the back to prevent water penetration and eliminate the issue of wind uplift.  Being highly resistant to corrosion and the second most malleable of all metals after gold, makes this the ideal choice to use on any roofing project.  The pliable nature of the product makes light work of shaping and cutting even in the most complicated areas.

Due to its specific composition the product is more environmentally friendly and non-toxic, making it safer to handle with no potential hazards for installers and no contamination of run-off water.  Installation can take place in temperatures ranging between -40°c to 90°c and on roofs with a slope of minimum of five degrees making it highly versatile when used on its own or as part of a system.

Working with this material is comparable to working with lead only it is even easier to use and shape because of the good stretching properties and low weight. The lead free flashing material maintains the high levels of malleability and weathertightness that traditional lead provides yet has the benefits of being lighter, non-toxic and significantly reduces the likelihood of theft owing to it having no resale value.


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