Manthorpe Diamond Weep Vent G953 (Box 100)

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The unique diamond shape profile helps to increase the drainage flow rate along the base of the channel promoting self-cleaning and removal of debris build up.

Ribs along the angled outer walls also create a more robust mortar key within the perp end to ensure a secure fit within the outer leaf construction.

The face of the diamond shaped outlet finishes flush with the brickwork for quick detailing into the mortar joint, with the tapering outlet designed for easy cleaning.

The rear opening of the weep stands 65mm high, the full height of the perpend joint, as per the guidance of NHBC Technical Extra 17 ensuring an optimum drainage inlet from within the cavity.

The profile of the weep also features a minimum opening point of 4mm which is ample for water drainage but small enough to prevent entry of large insects.

The Diamond Weep® is available in clear and in a range of colours to match various wall and mortar finishes.


  • Unique diamond shaped weep profile
  • Drainage flow increased to promote self cleaning
  • Finishes flush with brickwork for quicker detailing
  • Upper and lower ribs create a robust mortar key
  • Tapering outlet designed for easier cleaning
  • Rear opening stands full height of the perp joint
  • 4mm opening prevents entry of large insects

9.5 x 65 x 102mm


Spec Sheet

Spec Sheet

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