Manthorpe Cavity Sleeve Black G935

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The G935 Combination Cavity Sleeve fits into the back of Manthorpe’s G930 Airbrick to ventilate through a standard cavity or solid brick wall.

The unit can be stacked to create a 9" x 6" and 9" x 9" alternative, and telescopes to fit cavity widths of 50mm to 100mm, with further extension possible through the addition of extra product units.

The G935 also includes an integral wind baffle.

Features & Fitting

  • Can be slotted and telescoped onto itself

  • Will work with the G930 when stacked in 9" x 6" and 9" x 9" combinations

  • Integral wind baffle

  • Will also act as an extension to the G960

Fitting Requirements
The G935 Combination Cavity Sleeve should be fitted to the back of a G930 Combination Airbrick 9" x 3" and adjusted to fit the desired cavity width.
It can be used in any combination required and built into the brick course as normal although care should be taken to keep the airflow passage clear from mortar droppings.


Spec Sheet

235 x 227 x 72mm
270-320mm (inc. G930)
9" x 3", 6" and 9"
High Impact Styrene
Injection Moulded
Regulations & Standards

BRE Digest 17

BRE Digest 262

Building Regulations C4

NHBC Standards 5.2

BS 5250:2011 Control of Condensation in Building


Plinth brick fitting instructions

Combination cavity sleeve fitting instructions


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