Manthorpe Adjustable Lintel Stop Ends G956 (Singles)

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The G956 Adjustable Lintel Stop Ends are designed to prevent water spilling off the ends of lintels into the cavity below causing damage and expensive repairs. In line with current recommendations the G956 Adjustable Lintel Stop Ends provide an economical and simple solution to this problem. For convenience on site the attached adhesive tape also ensures that a tightly bonded joint is achieved between the stop-end and lintel.

  • Stop end units to prevent water spilling over edge of tray
  • Mastic tape strip allows for quick and easy installation
  • Stop ends available to suit lintels with a 90˚ upstand
  • Adjustable stop end units for sloping lintels also available
  • Should be used in conjunction with weep and peep vents


    Spec Sheet

    90 to 136 x 60 x 20mm
    90° to 130°
    Injection Moulded

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