Manthorpe 6m Roll Panel Vents G500 / G502 / G503

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The Roll Panel Vents are designed to maintain a flow of air to the roof space from the eaves, thereby allowing the escape of built-up moisture. Made from a continuous single profile, the panel can be rolled out over several rafters to create a ventilated gap beneath the felt running the span of the roof. Suitable for 400mm, 450mm and 600mm raft centres, the panel has vertical strengthening ribs and is suitable for new build situations. Its flexibility makes it suitable for refurbishment where rafter centres are not consistent or unknown. The wider G502 and G503 versions are ideal for details using an extra thick layer of insulation.

  • Provides 25,000mm²/M of airflow
  • Rolls out in one continuous 6M length
  • Accommodates rafter centres from 400mm to 600mm
  • Flexible to suit uneven refurbishment details
  • Wider versions available for deep insulation


G500 Spec Sheet
G502 Spec Sheet
G503 Spec Sheet

325mm (G500) / 650mm (G502) / 800mm (G503)
6m / 6000mm
Vacuum Formed

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