Klober Universal Tile Vent

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Colour: Antique Red

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The Universal Tile Vent is the perfect solution for ventilating roof voids. It helps to reduce the build-up of mould growth and structural damage in the roof space, caused by damp, poorly ventilated roofs. It also provides an exit location for soil and ventilation pipes as well as mechanical extraction systems. The Universal Tile Vent suits most concrete interlocking roof tiles or plain roof tiles with a minimum pitch of 17.5° and providing 15,000mm2 of ventilation coverage. The low profile design is available in a wide range of colours to blend with the roof tiles.

  • Design allows direct ventilation to the roof space and can be used with all roof tiles
  • Can be used as a terminal for soil and ventilation pipes and mechanical extraction systems when used with an adaptor (100mm and 125mm) and flexipipe
  • Provides ventilation without the need for a breathable membrane.



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    Minimum Pitch
    Ventilation Area
    15000 mm2
    Vent tile spacing 5 000 mm2
    3 m
    Vent tile spacing 10 000 mm2
    1.5 m
    Vent tile spacing 25 000 mm2
    0.6 m

    Dimensions and Weights


    • Position vent tile in desired location and mark area of membrane to be cut
    • Carefully cut the marked area to the bottom and sides, fold back the flap and secure to tiling batten above
    • If using an adaptor for connection it is advised to connect prior to installation
    • Position vent tile, nail fix to upper batten and secure the lower butyl strip on the skirt to a clean dry and dust free tile below
    • Continue tiling as normal then apply cap ensuring this is firmly clipped into place

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