FOX 4" Belt & 6" Disc Sander

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The F31-462A is a very well built sander that’s able to cope with heavy use. This is a valuable tool for any serious woodworker/tradesman.

Note: This machine is not suitable for sanding metal and should always be used with a dust extractor.

• Cast iron frame
• Powerful and almost silent induction motor
• Disc and belt suction outlets for dust extraction
• Workbench can be titled up to 45°
• Goniometer for angular sanding
• Automatic belt tensioning with positioning control
• Belt surface can also be operated at 90° for ease of operation
• Sanding disc perfectly flat for precision sanding


Motor: 370W-230V
Belt Speed: 655cm/min
Disc Speed: 2850rpm
Belt Dimensions: 100x914mm
Disc Diameter: 152mm
Dimensions (h x l x d): 302x545x430mm
Dimensions with
Belt Vertical (h x l x d):
Weight: 22kg
Barcode: 3700209504084
Warranty: 3 Years


Instruction Manual

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