Ancon Type 1 Safety Wall Tie ST1 200mm to 350mm Long (Qty 250)

£158.91 INC. VAT
£132.43 EX. VAT

The Ancon ST1 wall tie is now available in seven lengths to suit cavities from 50mm to 225mm.

As a Type 1 Heavy Duty tie to PD 6697:2010, a British Standard which classifies ties according to their strength and function, the ST1 can be used in the construction of any building, of any height, anywhere in the British Isles.

The ST1 is manufactured from stainless steel for its strength and corrosion resistance, has specially designed safety ends to reduce the risk of injury during handling and installation, and features multiple drips to allow it to be used in partial-fill cavities.

Low Thermal Conductivity Wall Ties to PD 6697: 2019 for Brick-to-Block Construction Ancon ST1 Type 1 Tie (Masonry Heavy Duty) The Ancon ST1 is suitable for cavities from 50mm to 225mm and can be used for all types of buildings of any height, anywhere in the British Isles. The section that spans the cavity has a series of holes to provide water drips. The ST1 has a measured dynamic stiffness of <113MN/m3 that meets the performance requirement of Approved Document E for use in external masonry walls. For internal separating walls of new-build attached dwellings see HRT4. Type 1 performance is declared in M2 mortar



  • 200mm for 50-75mm cavities
  • 225mm for 76-100mm cavities
  • 250mm for 101-125mm cavities
  • 275mm for 126-150mm cavities
  • 300mm for 151-175mm cavities
  • 325mm for 176-200mm cavities
  • 350mm for 201-225mm cavities

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