Ancon Teplo BFL-7 Basalt Fibre Wall Tie

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The Ancon Teplo-BFL-Tie is ideal where a low thermal conductivity restraint fixing is required between a masonry outer leaf and an in-situ structure. It is suitable for fixing to steel, timber, concrete and masonry.

The unique ribbed shank acts as a drip to prevent water crossing the cavity and the Ancon Teplo-BFL-Tie can be used with the black Ancon Teplo-Clip where insulation is to be retained.

Installation Guidance
Restraint fixings are important to the stability of masonry and failure
to install them correctly may lead to damp penetration, cracking or
even the collapse of walls. Installed ties should be clear of mortar droppings to allow the drip function to perform correctly and prevent water from crossing to the
inner leaf of the masonry. The outer leaf brickwork should be kept one course clear during installation of these ties.

Recommended Fixings
The 7mm diameter hole in the upstand suits a variety of fixings, typically an M6 expansion bolt for concrete, a plug and screw for either masonry or concrete, either an M6 set screw or SDTSS-38 -5PT self-drilling screw for steelwork and a 5mm x 30mm
countersunk wood screw for timber.

The Teplo-BFL-Tie is suitable for buildings requiring 120-minute fire resistance. Where this fire performance is required, appropriate fixings should be selected which match or exceed this 120-minute fire resistance performance


Spec Sheet

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