Vortex Exterior Multipurpose Power Screws

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Designed to be used in softwood and hardwood, the Vortex exterior power screw is a multi-purpose screw - ideal for a range of external applications, including decking, roofing, and fencing. They include a Magsho Silver Organic Coating, which can withstand a 1000-hour salt spray test, which helps reduce corrosion, as well as being ACQ (Alkaline Copper Quarternary) Timber resistant.

The recessed double countersunk head reduces the chance of the head shearing, ensuring product reliability, and has sharp milling ribs which enable self-countersinking, making it a more reliable product for the user. The sharp, wide and deep thread, featuring ‘Saw Fix’ serrated thread technology, enables the screw to power through timber quickly and easily. Vortex exterior power screws also include an oblique-angle sharp gash point, improving initial bite into timber.

Most sizes are fully CE compliant to BS EN 14592:2008+A1:2012, offering the user peace of mind.

Vortex exterior power screws come packaged in a handy and functional plastic tub which is robust, water resistant, drop-proof, and ideally sized. Every tub also comes complete with a 50mm impact driver bit in a bag. 

The Vortex exterior power screw is based on premium quality, offering tailored product features, and gives users the versatility and assurance they need.

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