Reisser Timber Connector Screws (10 pack)

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REISSER TIMBER CONNECTOR SCREWS build on the proven technical performance of the CUTTER range to offer the ideal solution for connecting timber to timber. The sharp 25º point gives a fast start whilst the 2 CUTTER slots allow screwing close to the edge without splitting. The addition of a ‘rollet’ on the shaft reduces drag and torsion forces on insertion resulting in a faster more efficient fixing. A TXD star drive provides maximum torque transfer whilst reducing “cam-out” and the large flat washer head offers greater tightening force (even in warped boards) and increased pull through resistance than a countersunk or small hex head fixing. The recessed drive and flat head profile is also more attractive if the fixings are visible. The bronze Nano KTCO coating has been tested to a min 2000 hrs Salt Spray resistance, is Cr-6 free and resists peel off in timber giving long lasting protection. Performance is also maximised by the specially hardened steel that provides maximum tensile and torsional strength whilst allowing for a minimum 30º bending angle. Available in an extensive range of sizes and supplied in attractive, informative packaging the REISSER TIMBER CONNECTOR SCREWS offer the same Consistency of Quality and performance of all products.


  • Nano KTCO coating. (estimated 15yr outdoor protection)
  • TXD drive compatibility for high torque transfer.
  • Features a pan washer head giving maximum pull through resistance. Essential for structural timber connections
  • Two patented slots prevent splitting close to the edge, and remove the need for a pilot hole in most timbers.
  • Needle point for immediate start.

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