Manthorpe Dual Extended Underfloor Ventilator Black G965

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The G965 Dual Extended Telescopic Underfloor Void Ventilator is designed to provide a clear airflow passage to a void beneath an insulated suspended floor. The current and future requirements of Part L of the Building Regulations along with other standards and regulations have led to an increase in the depth of thermal insulation in suspended floors along with an increase in cavity widths to accommodate greater amounts of cavity wall insulation. This has meant that clear access to an underfloor void may be as far as 6 or 7 brick courses (525mm) below the level of an airbrick and potentially as much as 350mm from the outer face of the external leaf. Traditional telescopic underfloor ventilators would not be able to achieve this without the use of additional vertical and horizontal extension sleeves. The G965 offers a vertical telescopic adjustment of between 5 and 8 brick courses without the need for an extension sleeve. The horizontal outlet is long enough to bridge through an overall wall thickness of 350mm without the need for an additional extension. The front aperture of the G965 is designed for use with a G930 Combination Airbrick or it can be used in conjunction with a traditional clay airbrick, although this would reduce the overall airflow through the system.

  • 8,000mm² airflow
  • Allows ventilation to an insulated underfloor void
  • Allows a vertical extension of 5-8 courses (318mm-575mm)
  • Allows a horizontal span of 360mm (including G930)
  • Removes the need for additional extension sleeves
  • Upper opening connects to an airbrick


Spec Sheet

320 x 222 x 320mm
318mm - 575mm
5-8 Courses
360mm (inc. G930)
Injection Moulded




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